Cook a Romantic Meal for Two this Valentine’s Day

If you want to make a romantic gesture this Valentine’s Day, we believe that cooking is the sweetest thing you can do for your sweetheart. At Magnolia Square Market, we have all of the ingredients for a lovingly prepared Valentine’s Day meal. Check out the recipe by Sumalee below for a delicious meal for two that will really impress your date. Continue reading Cook a Romantic Meal for Two this Valentine’s Day

Lebkuchen Cheesecake

The bakery at Magnolia Square Market has been working on a new cheesecake for the Christmas season. They combined a new recipe with a German Classic. Lebkuchen, otherwise known as gingerbread, is a long time Christmas must have in any German household. Which is why we’ve combined flavors that will take you back to Oma’s kitchen. We give you Lebkuchen Cheesecake. This recipe features holiday … Continue reading Lebkuchen Cheesecake

Weihnachtsstollen ist Back

It’s time, yet again, for one of our favorite holiday traditions. Stollen is back. Stollen or Christstollen is a tradition dating back to 14th century Germany. Germans baked stollen loaves at Christmas to honor princes and church dignitaries, and to sell at fairs and festivals for holiday celebrations. Stollen is a bread with dried fruit and coated with sugar for a touch of sweetness. Our … Continue reading Weihnachtsstollen ist Back