Cuckoo Clocks!

Did you know the world’s two biggest cuckoo clocks are both located in Schonach im Schwarzwald, Baden-Württemberg? One of the cuckoos measures nearly five meters and weighs 150 kg? –That’s 330 pounds for our American friends. As Germans, cuckoo clocks are a large part of our heritage that richly entwine science and art into a finely crafted tool for people of all ages to enjoy.
You must be asking yourself, why are we so cuckoo for cuckoo clocks all of the sudden? Our staff at Magnolia Square Market does their best to bring in the best German products they can. We also make it a point to provide gifts that not only remind us of our heritage but invite others to share and learn with us. Now you can give the gift of the cuckoo for only $9.99!
These clocks are fully functional and battery operated for easy maintenance. They are also refrigerator magnets! Each clock is hand painted and there are several to choose from making it the perfect gift that the whole family can enjoy!

So, the next time you visit our market, don’t forget to ask about our cuckoo clocks and other heritage goods. Accessorize like a German!


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